High Voltage Powerlifting is Here!!!

Click Here to Register for the High Voltage Powerlifting Club

It’s Finally Here! We are proud to announce an begin registration for the High Voltage Powerlifting Club and 8 Week Intro Course. It will start Thursday, April 8.

This Specialty Seminar based on the Westside Barbell method will meet 2x per week in addition to regular classes. It will meet Thursday at 6pm, and Sunday at 12pm.

Class size will be limited and we expect to cap the class soon. If you have questions if you are ready for this class, please ask. Register now to reserve your spot in this exciting new program.

Why Powerlifting?

-Want to get STRONG, increase your lifts, and be able to do workouts “As Rx’d”?

Powerlifting includes Heavy and Dynamic Barbell and Accessory methods developed by the famous Westside Barbell Method to create the top Powerlifters in the world.

This class is great for guys and gals. It will be Coached by Michael ‘Pnutz’ and assisted by Esther.

It is $150 for the full 8 week course, and will lead up to a CrossFit Total and Powerlifting Total Event! The price of the course can be split into 2 payments as well. The Non CrossFit High Voltage Member price is $200.

Only people who complete the Intro Course will be able to attend ongoing Powerlifting classes after the 8 week intro is complete.

For more information, please contact tim@crossfithighvoltage.com

Click Here to Register for the High Voltage Powerlifting Club