100319 – Friday

Announcement: The High Voltage Powerlifting Club and 8 Week Intro Course registration is now underway. The start date is Thursday, April 8, and will meet on Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons. For more information, check out our Events tab, or to register, Click Here!

Coach Jade rocking yet another Awesome Level 1 CrossFit class!

Thursday’s WOD’s

Level 1 CrossFit


Double Unders


7 Rounds for time

5x Double Unders

10x KB Swings

15x Air Squats

Want to make it tougher? Some people wore weighted vests, or did the squats with a 45# plate! Yeah buddy!

All Levels CrossFit


For Time:

30x Wall Ball (20/15#)

30x Ground to Overhead Anyway (95/65#)

30x KB Swing (70/53#)

30x Overhead Squat (95/65#)

30x Burpees

30x Ground to Shoulder Anyway (95/65#)

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Loved this WOD. Usually I don’t like Chippers all too often…the laundry list of exercises often makes workouts unfocused and confusing…but this one rocked! It always brought you back to the barbell, but in a different way each time. And yeah, it’ll put you on your back!