100329 – Monday


Our first Nutritional Challenge information session will be tonight, Monday, at 7pm (after the 6pm class finishes and before the 7pm gets started). It will be short, probably only 10 minutes or so. We’ll hand out some basic rules for the Challenge, and get everyone ready to start next Monday (the Challenge starts in 1 week from today: Monday, April 5, the day after Easter). Once everyone’s committed, we’ll give out the nutritional packets and full rules…this way no one gets a head start!

If you can’t make that session, we’ll have another on Wednesday at 1230pm, and another on Saturday at 10am. We will be handing out packets at each class, but the best time to get filled in is during this time.

And just like CrossFit training, this Nutritional Challenge is all about accountability! We’ll be checking your nutritional logbooks every 2 weeks, matching your WOD times and results to your logbooks, taking before and after photos, sending out weekly nutritional tips and recipes, and of course, much more!

Don’t forget the Paleo BBQ open to everyone on Sunday, April 11 at 2pm at the gym!

Our first High Voltage Powerlifting Club is almost sold out! We only have 2 more spaces left, and then you’ll have to wait until the summer for the next one…so GET STRONG NOW! Coach Pnutz is back from Westside Barbell in Ohio for his certification, and he’s pumped (yes, I know) about helping everyone throw around even more heavy weight!

We’ve also changed the time of the Thursday session to better fit into people’s busy LA schedules. It will be on Thursday at 7pm, not Thursday at 6pm. This way you can do your GPP first (aka, general physical preparedness, aka, CrossFit) and then hit the heavy stuff after…or you can just come in for the heavy stuff! To get one of the last 2 spots, register now at:

Click Here to Register for High Voltage Powerlifting!

Third, our first In-House CrossFit Throwdown will be Saturday, April 24. There will be multiple WOD’s to choose from. Come out and do 1, 2, or all 3 if you can! This special Throwdown will also help us choose our very first Affiliate Team competing at the Southwest Regionals on May 8 & 9 at UC Irvine.

Regardless of where you’re at in your CrossFit training, having ongoing goals is very important. Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 24 and be a part of this High Voltage event!

Finally, we’ve set a date for our Grand Opening…Saturday, May 22! We never had a Grand Opening at the old box because we grew out of it so quickly…so get ready for a big, big bash. And if you’ve been to any of our parties before, you know we play just as hard as we train! More info to come soon.

Chris and Ike going head to head in our Team tire flip competition…

Outdoor weekend WOD’s…good times!