100404 – Sunday

Everyone ready for the April 60-ish Day Nutritional Challenge? It starts this Monday, so let’s get ready!

The first day you’re in this week you will get your info packet and logbook, do your weigh in and measurements, state your goals (lose weight, gain weight, gain strength, better WOD times, etc) and get ready for even more results!

Also, Coaches Jade and Tommm are in Las Vegas for their CrossFit Football Certification…so get ready for even more awesomeness heading our way this month.

April is a high powered month here at High Voltage…so get in and get fit!

Also, did you know that you can check out www.crossfithighvoltage.com? The brand new site is almost done, but for now you can check out everything you see here on www.crossfithighvoltage.com. Check it out.

To get started, contact tim@crossfithighvoltage.com

Kyle and Chad ‘enjoying’ our new GHD (glute-ham developer). If you’ve never experienced this, then you’ve got to check it out!

JP getting strong on the dynamic method box squat.

The start of a long WOD at 9am this morning…and after weeks of repetition on the basics, they totally nailed it!

Great job everyone! See ya’ll Monday!