Nutritional Challenge, Day 1!

Hey CFHV Nutrition Gang!

Here it is, Day 1 of our 60-ish Day Nutritional Challenge. Here’s some updated details.

The Challenge starts today…so let’s get ready to get going.

As for this week, here’s the schedule for all participants. And before I forget, yes, you can still register this week, it’s $30 for the entire course. Please do so at the front desk.

The first day you attend this week, we’ll have you fill out the initial goal and measurement sheet, weigh in, and pre-photo (remember, only smile in the ‘after’ photo! haha).
You’ll start keeping track of your meals in a logbook or on your computer. That part is up to you. Every 2 weeks they’ll be due, so keep good records of what you’re taking in and your workouts.

This Sunday is the Paleo BBQ at the gym. It’ll be a great time to get together, ask questions, and get your game plan all set up. It’s at 2pm at the gym. We’ll supply plates and utensils, whatever food you’ll be eating or measuring is up to you! It’s your diet, take control.

And once everyone is registered and weighed in, we’ll send out the buddy list. Along with us, this person will help have your back and make sure you make it through the challenge!

Good luck gang, and remember, keep good track, stay on course, and get ready for an even better you!