100407 – Wednesday

Busy day Tuesday at the High Voltage box.

60 Feet of Awesomeness was delivered this afternoon!

And Viola! We now have an absolutely incredible pull up structure to match our incredible gym and incredible members! Booya!

And add to it the highest level of instruction and explanation…

In every single skill and aspect of CrossFit…

And add to that a dynamic warm up…

And Work Out appropriate flexibility and mobility..

Creates not only awesome athletes…

But a gym full of the fittest, healthiest, and happiest people you’d ever care to be around!

Great job 7pm class…great job for every single member who walked through the doors today and chose to challenge yourself yet again to be stronger, faster, and healthier than you were before you came in!

If you’re finally ready to get started, contact us to get ya going!


5,000 square feet of awesomeness!