100408 – Thursday


1. The High Voltage Powerlifting Club is Sold Out! We’re looking forward to an awesome 8 weeks of learning heavy stuff even more effectively starting this Thursday night at 7pm!

2. Paleo BBQ Sunday at 2pm at the High Voltage Box! Everyone is invited, friends and family too. Bring your own food, we’ll bring the BBQ, utensils, plates, etc. BYOB as well. Come get any new questions answered for the 60-ish Day Nutritional Challenge in person as well.

3. Speaking of the 60-ish Day Nutritional Challenge, there are only 3 more days to register at the gym. Come in, fill out your goal sheet, take your pre-challenge photos, and get started! Remember, keep track of your meal. Best results wins a split of the pot!

4. Because our morning class is growing like crazy, we’re adding an additional day! Starting next Tuesday it’s on at 6:30am!

5. Mark your calendars: Saturday, May 22 is our Grand Opening! Everyone is invited…and if you’ve been to one of our previous parties, you know we know how to celebrate!

6. Mark your calendars: Saturday, April 24 is our very first In-House Competition and Affiliate Cup Try Out.

We will have multiple WOD’s, starting at 12pm on Saturday, April 24. Some people may be doing 1, 2, 3, or even more WOD’s. There will be WOD’s that everyone can do, so make sure and mark your calendars! We will also need volunteers and judges.
The top male and female athletes can earn a spot on our Affiliate Cup Team.
-Set this date as an important training goal.
-Be there, and be ready! Be Ever Ready!

When we were at the old box, we maybe had 2 or 3 people coming in the mornings at that time. Now we’re averaging about 10 people every morning, and that’s in just 2 months at the new location. Yes, we love the new box!

The new Pull Up Bars are freaking awesome! Shown are members of the 1230 class on just 40 feet of them…

We have 60 feet total!

Different width grips form small and big hands, and different height bars: 7.5′, 8′, and 8.5′, and at 42″ off the wall, everyone, everyone can kip, kip, kip (just try not to rip)! With great instruction and help and positive support from your fellow Volts, everyone eventually learns to perform proper, kipping pull ups! (Great job Denise and Kirby!)

Great job Dessire! Our Voltage Vixens ROCK!!!

3, 2, 1, GO! Awesome job everyone…

Wednesday’s WOD’s

Level 1 CrossFit


Kipping Pull Ups & Sumo Deadlift High Pull


10 Rounds for time


10x Push Ups

Post load and times to comments

All Levels CrossFit

10 Minute AMRAP

5x SDLHP (155/105)

15x Push Ups

Post load and rounds competed to comments.