100413 – Tuesday

Congrats to Laura and Chase who both got their very first Pull Ups last night! Great work ladies, they don’t always happen quickly, but with hard work and consistent effort, you get great results!

Great turnout for the Paleo BBQ on Sunday to help kick off the 60-ish Day Nutritional Challenge. Over 30 people came out, broke in our new BBQ, had some great, healthy food, and were lucky to have a graduate and current student of LA’s Le Cordon Bleu chef school (also CFHV members Stefan and Cristina!). In fact, it went so well we’re planning on doing it again in May!

Monday’s WOD

Level 1 CrossFit


Kipping Pull Ups


15 Minute AMRAP

3x Pull Ups

6x Sit Ups

9x Squats

Post rounds completed to comments.

All Levels CrossFit


Front Squat


15 Minute AMRAP. Add 1 rep every round to each movement.

Pull Up

Sit Up

Kettlebell Swing (bottoms up)

Broad Jump (6′ jump, feet jump and land at the same time)

Post load and rounds completed to comments.