100415 – Thursday


1. New Member Policy
We are very happy that our gym is growing so much, and how many of our members bring new members to the gym.
But to effectively teach everyone the CrossFit method, we are no longer allowing people to attend their first class at the All Levels.
Level 1 Classes are currently Monday & Wednesday at 6pm, Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm, and Saturday at 9am. Expect more Level 1 classes to show up on the schedule, as they are AWESOME, and a great way to get started!

Potential members have 2 options. Either a Free 1 on 1 intro, which they can schedule through the front desk or via email, with any of our many Certified Coaches.
The second is to try our Level 1 CrossFit class. It’s just $20 to try it out, and if they become a member after their class, we’ll apply that towards any membership they choose, and waive any registration fees. Sounds good?
After that, we’ll let them know if they’d be fine in the All Levels, or should do a few more Level 1 classes to make sure they can safely, properly, and effectively do the All Levels class.

2. Nutritional Challenge logbooks are due starting today (Thursday) and Saturday at 11am. This is your first assignment, so start off on the right foot! You can either bring them in, or email them to our Nutritional Challenge leaders at paleoblocks@gmail.com.

3. Only 9 days left until our first In House Competition, aka, the High Voltage Throwdown!

Saturday, April 24, from 12-6pmish.

Everyone is invited, and we hope everyone can make it. I’ve had a lot of people ask me if they can come and do 1 or 2 WOD’s, and help with the rest…YES you can! We want everyone to be a part of this, our entire High Voltage Community. It’s just how we do!

And word on the streets is there may be some sort of celebration afterwords. So now you know you have to come, because no one parties like the Volts and Vixens!

High Voltage Powerlifting Club meets tonight at 7pm. GET STRONG BUDDY!!!!

Wednesday’s WOD’s

Level 1 CrossFit:


Wall Ball


5 Rounds for time

15x Wall Ball

10x Sit Ups

5x Burpees

Post load and time to comments.

All Levels CrossFit

Skill: Prepare for a long, long WOD!


5 Rounds for time

20x Wall Ball

20x Sit Ups

20x Box Jumps

20x Burpees

Scale to 15, or 10 reps of each movement.

Post times to comments.