100420 – Tuesday

Great job on your first Nutritional Challenge Logbook turn in. If for any reason you haven’t turned it in yet, please turn it in to the front room desk, or email it to paleoblocks@gmail.com. We’re already starting to see noticeable changes in everyone we see that took the Challenge. Just 5 & 1/2 weeks left…YOU CAN DO IT!


1. Reminder: we will cap our Level 1 CrossFit class each night at 20 people. This will help us ensure that everyone gets expert Coaching from us. So come on time, sign in the front room as it is first come, first served. There are All Levels classes before and after every Level 1 class, so no need to worry about getting your fix! We take Volts and Voltage Vixens of literally All Levels at each of these classes.

We will be adding more Level 1 CrossFit to the schedule shortly (another great benefit that comes from having the biggest CrossFit gym in the Valley). We’re also working on a Level 2 CrossFit class (for intermediate Level CrossFitters). Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about upcoming CrossFit High Voltage classes!

2. We’re watching Food, Inc. in the lounge Wednesday night at 9pm. Everyone is welcome to come watch and learn more about living a healthy, and fit lifestyle.

3. This Saturday, April 24, from 12pm – 6pm is our 1st In House Throwdown and Affiliate Team Try Out. Come out and have an awesome time. And yes, there will be a party & BBQ after. It’s just how we do! Do not miss this, as everyone is invited.

It’s a smile…I know these things!

Monday’s WOD’s


Level 1: Thrusters

All Levels: Band Resisted Sprints


‘Broken Up Fran’

5 Rounds for time:

9x Thrusters (95/65#)

9x Pull Ups

Post load and times to comments.

How are everyone’s lungs feeling?