100422 – Thursday

Hey Everyone!

I’m very glad to announce the WOD’s for our very first CFHV In House Throwdown!

Remember, it starts this Saturday at 12pm. We’ll have 3 WOD’s, through out the day. They will be run in heats, and are all scalable.

9am Level 1 class is still on this Saturday, but there will be no 10am class for this Saturday, due to the Throwdown.

WOD 1. Starting at 12pm – 2pm (but it’s not a 2 hour WOD!).

CF Baseline Down and Back. (Can be subbed with original CF Baseline).

500 Meter Row

40x Squats

30x Sit Ups

20x Clapping Push Ups

10x Chest to Bar Pull Ups

then you must get off the bar,

10x Chest to Bar Pull Ups

20x Clapping Push Ups

30x Sit Ups

40x Squats

500 Meter Row.

WOD # 2. 2pm – 4pm

5 Minutes total. Ground to Overhead any way.

Max weight lifted total from ground to overhead. Minimum 95/65#, but you can use as much weight as you like, choose your own weight.

Once the clock starts, and before you can begin lifting, you must complete 10 Hand Stand Push Ups (1 ab mat for women).

Then the remaining part of the 5 minutes you have to lift.

WOD #3. 4-6pm.

The Chipper.

For time.

45x Double Unders

40x Box Jumps (24″/20″)

35x Wall Ball (20/15#)

30x Burpees)

25x Overhead Squat (115/75#)

20x Toes to Bar

15x Thruster (135/95#)

10x Muscle Ups (sub ring pull ups and push ups)

400 Meter Sand Bag Run.

Remember, you can try 1, 2, or all 3 WOD’s. You can come help, hang out, BBQ us some food…you get the picture. Part of having awesome community events is making sure everyone is invited. So bring your friends and family too so they can see what the heck your Facebook status updates are all about.

The winner will be based on the lowest combined ordinal ranking for each WOD. 1st place in each WOD gets 1 pt, 2nd place gets 2 pts, and so on. Lowest combined score wins!

WTF Brian finally joining the 4 Wheel Club at CFHV!

And a little 1230pm mobility aint to shabby either…

See you all there this Saturday at 12pm.

Remember, 9am is still on for this Saturday, but no 10am (just for this week).