May Events!

So, just when you think CrossFit High Voltage can’t get any more awesome…

May 2010.

CrossFit High Voltage’s May Announcements!

May is coming. Better be ready!

Our Grand Opening: Saturday, May 22  @ 6pm. Be there! It’s going to be all sorts of awesome!

1. The High Voltage Endurance Club!

Meeting Mondays and Wednesdays @ 7pm.

An 8 Week Introductory Course to the CrossFit Anaerobic Method of Endurance Training. $150 for the entire course.

Please register via this link:

Announcing the High Voltage Endurance Club!

That’s right, our first Specialty class, the High Voltage Powerlifting Club has been such a success, we’re adding our second Specialty Club.  The High Voltage Endurance Club!!!

Meeting Mondays and Wednesdays @ 7pm, starting Monday, May 10.

Have you ever wanted to run a marathon, run better, or just perform better on longer WOD’s? If so, then this club is for you!

This is an 8 Week Introductory Course to the CrossFit Anaerobic Method of Endurance Training. $150 for the entire course. Please register online, via the following link:

“The CrossFit Endurance Program was developed on two fronts:

A. To allow CrossFit Athletes to still CrossFit and compete in endurance sports and bring a standard to running.

B. it gives a unique opportunity for endurance athletes to learn another significant way to effectively train for any event they wish to compete in. It also provides a unique opportunity for them to have a life outside of training.

This is something most endurance programs will not allow for with the sheer volume demand of these programs.”


The 8 week course will lead up to a 10k, 1/2, or Full Marathon, of the athlete’s choosing.

Upon completion of the Introductory Course, Endurance members will have the option of being part of the High Voltage Endurance Club for an additional monthly fee.

2. A 60 Day Nutritional Challenge, brought to you by CrossFit High Voltage and PaleoBlocks!

CFHV Presents the April & May 2010 Nutritional Challenge

We’re half way done! Don’t lose focus…you’re almost there. Amazing results await!

  • The April 2010 Nutritional Challenge starts the Monday after Easter (Monday, April 5), and ends the Thursday night before Memorial Day (Thursday, May 27).

Stay tuned for another BBQ! The first one was so awesome, we’re doing it again!

3. CrossFit High Voltage’s 2nd In House Competition, ‘The Rumble’, on Saturday, June 26!

The first In House competition in April was a huge success. Having training goals is important to every CrossFitter, whether you’re training for the Games, or just training to be a healthier, more awesome you. Mark this date in your calendar as your next big benchmark day. There will be 3 WOD’s, and each can be scaled to your current ability level.

We’re also using this as part of our ongoing High Voltage Grand Prix, where you get points over the course of the year for each In House Rumble you compete at. How’s for extra motivation to stay Fit!

The event starts at 12pm. We need volunteers, judges, and of course, CrossFittin’ athletes.

4. CrossFit Beginner’s On Ramp Special:

Is all this talk of awesome community events getting you even more pumped up to get CrossFit, and you’re finally ready to get started with your results…Then our CrossFit On Ramp Special is for you!

Try these 3 personal 1 on 1 sessions covering the 9 fundamental CrossFit movements with a qualified CrossFit coach for just $99!

-Comprehensive understanding of the CrossFit program

-Seamless integration into Group Classes

-Basic workouts using these 9 fundamental movements

-Tailored for your own current ability in a safe setting.

-Special price for these 3 personal sessions.

Click Here to Register for the On Ramp Special Now!

See ya’ll this month! May is going to be all sorts of awesome!