100505 – Wednesday

Our High Voltage Powerlifters  are getting STRONG! PR’s everywhere. It’s awesome!

Here’s Keven making to the top of a box squat with resistance bands (so it gets heavier as you go up!) on our new Rogue R3 Power Rack designed by Westside Barbell. Yeah buddy!

Tuesday’s WOD’s:

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Push Press


For time.


100 Meter Run (at the start of every round)

Push Press

Sit Ups


Post load and time to comments.

All Levels

Skill: Power Clean


Power Clean ‘Elizabeth’


Power Clean (135/95#)

Ring Dips

Post load and time to comments.

Great job today everyone! It was also awesome to have our first CrossFit talk after each class today (this one was on Intensity = Power). Part of learning do to these workouts better is to understand why we do them, why we do functional movements, and how come they are so freaking effective. We’re planning on doing this every week or so. An educated CrossFitter is a happy CrossFitter.