100510 – Monday

100510 – Monday

Wordle: CrossFit High Voltage
Wordle: CrossFit High Voltage
1. The High Voltage Endurance Club starts tonight at 7pm! The first 8 week intro course is completely sold out, so if you’re interested, you’ll have to wait until the next one we have, following the completion of the first one. If you’ve already registered, please be on time tonight and be ready for Endurance Head Coach Tom and Asst Coach Rane to help make you even more awesome!

2. Our 60-ish day Nutritional Challenge has less than 3 weeks left! You’ve all made it great so far, the finish line is finally near. Remember, your last LogBook turn in date is this Thursday through Saturday, either at the gym or via email to paleoblocks@gmail.com. If you’re ready to start your own 30, 60, or 90 day challenge, please email paleoblocks@gmail.com, or visit www.paleoblocks.com!!!

3. Our Grand Opening, Saturday, May 22 @6pm. Who’s ready to break the new place in properly?

4. We will be starting a Level 2 CrossFit class shortly. I’m currently finishing up the curriculum for this new awesome class.
It will be a great place for people that have been rocking the Level 1 classes for a while and are now feeling more comfortable with the 9 fundamental CrossFit movements as well as basic CrossFit concepts.
The class will focus on intermediate CrossFit movements, as well as combination movements and slightly more complex WOD’s not generally done in the Level 1 class.
Stay tuned for more details!

Sunday’s WOD:

Hang Power Clean
4 Rounds for time
100 meter Sprint
20 Burpees
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