100514 – Friday

Our Grand Opening is almost 1 week away…I can’t wait. Any chance we all get to hang out and relax/party together is always a good one! We’ve come a long way in the last year and 4 months…

Our first box, January 2009.

And onto our first time in our new box…yikes…it has been a TON of work…

But with the guidance of my best friend and wife, Carly (who’s turning 30 on Monday!)

And the ongoing help, support, and knowledge our Absolutely Awesome Coaches and Crew!

And the effort our Volts and Vixens who put 100% in, every time they walk through our doors to work out!

Did I mention our awesome athletes, who put in 100% every time they come in to work out?

And if all that doesn’t convince you, just take Geneva’s words for it. This party’s going to be awesome, and of course, we’d love to have each and every one of you there!

Ok, this one doesn’t really have to do with anything, other than I think our lounge is pretty sweet and wanted to show it off too.

Thursday’s WOD’s

Level 1:

Review Kipping Pull Ups &

How to properly perform a ‘Farmer’s Walk’

WOD: For time

400 Meter Run

400 Meter Farmer’s Walk

400 Meter Run

All Levels

Skill Set:

3 sets of 5 reps each

Muscle Up Transitions/Muscle Ups/Strict or Wide Muscle Ups

Toes to Bar (as slowly as possible)

High Box Jumps (with quiet landing, dropping the hips quickly)

Handstand Hold (30 seconds, either against the wall or free standing)

WOD: For time

400 Meter Run

20 Burpees

800 Meter Farmer’s Walk AHAP (as heavy as possible)

Post loads and times to comments.