100517 – Monday

100517 – Monday


1. No classes Saturday or Sunday this weekend. Why???

OUR GRAND OPENING PARTY! Saturday May 22 @ 6pm – 2am-ish. It’s going to be huge! We want every member of our High Voltage Family to be there and your friends and family too. It’s potluck style. Paleo/Non-paleo Zone or un-Zoned portions welcomed! BYOB too.

2. A BIG Happy 30th Birthday to my wife Carly! We met when we were just 18 on our taekwondo team. I had quite the crush on her….her….not so much. I moved away to Colorado to live at the Olympic Training Center we lost touch. Well I guess we were never really in touch to begin with…

When I moved back to LA I was training one night and my coach mentioned that he ran into her at a store. I asked him if he got her number and he said yes. I told him to give it to me because I was going to ask her out. At this point it’s around 5 years since we’d last seen each other. He looked at me pretty funny but gave it to me anyways.

I called her up. I guess it’s like Olympic lifting timing counts for a lot. We hit it off and she’s helped me more than this blog could handle. Without her I’d be a lonely guy with posters on my wall sleeping on my futon doing laundry 1x per month walking around with some type of awkward smell hovering around me that I thought no one else could smell still trying to cut my own hair and that’s just the stuff I can mention.

Carly and Tim 2004.

More importantly for this gym if you’re happy that we have a clean gym be sure and thank Carly making sure we don’t train in a dump. If you’re happy that we have a comfortable place to train thank Carly for making sure I don’t turn this into a college dorm room and there’s plenty of space for you to workout. If you’re happy to have someone push you after their WOD is done be sure and thank Carly she’s probably one of the first ones to jump over and cheer ’em on to the finish.

If you love that we have an awesome Level 1 CrossFit class be sure and thank Carly she thought it up and pushed me to implement it. If you’re happy that every time we make a new addition to the gym it seems like it fits just right be sure and thank Carly. She’s a big reason that our gym is a second home to many of you…and a first home to some of us too. She’s put in more overnight sessions at the gym than I’d care to mention and she’s much more of a badass than I could ever hope to be.

So happy 30th birthday!!!!