100520 – Thursday

100520 – Thursday


1. Grand Opening Party this Saturday from 6pm till Sunday.

No classes Saturday or Sunday. Please bring your friends and family!

2. Stay tuned for our new Level 2 CrossFit class launch date as well as our 9:30am class launch date. Expect both in June but the exact date will be announced shortly.

3. New members: We’ve got 2 ways to get you started. You can choose either a Free 1 on 1 intro session or try out a Level 1 class for just $20. Either way we’ll waive the enrollment when you sign up after your first session. Did you know we also offer free 1 on 1 goal setting sessions? Well now ya do!

Nothing like a little post-WOD love!

Wednesday’s WOD’s:

Level 1 CrossFit:

Skill: Double Unders



Double Unders & Sit Ups

All Levels CrossFit

Skill: Hang Power Clean

5-5-3-3-3. Find daily 3RM

WOD: “Annie”


Double Unders & Sit Ups

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Pretty freaking cool Michael!

Scott on the way to completing yet another pull up set a new PR on ‘Fran’. Since he’s been training with us he’s knocked over 10 minutes off his ‘Fran’ time. Very cool!

Interested in getting results like these regardless of your fitness background? Come check us out!