June Events @ CFHV!

June Events @ CFHV!

Summer’s here and here are CrossFit High Voltage’s awesome June Announcements! (This will be posted in the ‘Events’ Section all month).

Be ready. Ever Ready!

Q: Will lifting weights make women bulky?

A: No lifting weights will only make you awesome! Great job Dessire! She’s been rocking the PaleoBlocks Nutritional Challenge improving her workouts every day has lost 10# in 2 months and is just plain awesome! Her results once again prove that with proper nutrition and a consistent workout schedule CrossFit is the best fitness program for you to be in the best shape of your life!

1. 9:30am All Levels Class starts Monday June 14 and will be held on Monday & Wednesdays at 9:30am. We’ll add more days as the class grows!

2. Level 2 CrossFit Class starts Tuesday June 15 and will be held on Tuesday & Thursdays at 6pm. It will build upon the 9 fundamental movements taught in our popular Level 1 CrossFit class.

3. Paleo BBQ on Saturday June 12 @ 1:30pm to celebrate the end of the 60-ish Day Nutritional Challenge. We’ll vote on the winners of the challenge and have some more awesome food. To improve your own nutrition and health visit www.paleoblocks.com or email paleoblocks@gmail.com!!!

4. Our next In House Throwdown aka ‘The Rumble’ will be held on Satuday June 26 from 12pm-6pm. We’ll have 3 workouts scalable for everyone. Everyone is invited and it is an important part of your training to take part! Yeah we’ll also light up the BBQ!

5. The High Voltage Endurance Club is taking part in the ‘Keep LA Running’ 10K on Saturday July 11 in Playa del Rey!

To register please click on this link: http://www.keeplarunning.com/enter.htm

6. CrossFit Beginner’s On Ramp Special:

Is all this talk of awesome community events getting you even more pumped up to get CrossFit and you’re finally ready to get started with your results…Then our CrossFit On Ramp Special is for you!

Try these 3 personal 1 on 1 sessions covering the 9 fundamental CrossFit movements with a qualified CrossFit coach for just $99!

-Comprehensive understanding of the CrossFit program

-Seamless integration into Group Classes

-Basic workouts using these 9 fundamental movements

-Tailored for your own current ability in a safe setting.

-Special price for these 3 personal sessions.

Click Here to Register for the On Ramp Special Now!