100614 – Monday

100614 – Monday

Big week coming up for us at CrossFit High Voltage in Burbank!

Our 9:30am M/W class starts today! Booya! We now have 7 awesome group classes a day on Mondays and Wednesdays! We keep growing and we keep doing our best to provide the most professional service to our Volts and Voltage Vixens.

Our Level 2 CrossFit class starts on Tuesday at 6pm and is on T/Th @ 6pm. Because our Level 1 class has been such a hit we just try and keep going with what works! We love teaching each aspect of CrossFit to you all and this new class that builds upon the 9 fundamental movements taught in our Level 1 class will help us continue to do that at the highest level possible.

Our next In House Challenge is coming up! Saturday June 26 from 12pm – 6pm. The first WOD will be from about 12-2pm so you know you can make it for that. Then the next one is from 2-4pm so since you already came to the first part you might as well just stay for the second. And if you made it that far might as well stay for the 3rd WOD too! Hmm…is it still a ‘WOD’ if there are 3 of them in 1 day?

Whenever you’re ready to start getting FIT…

We’ll be right there to show you how every step of the way (but only you can be the one to actually do the work!)

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or stop on by our beautiful 5000 sq ft CrossFit Gym at

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