100617 – Thursday

100617 – Thursday

Join our awesome High Voltage Endurance Club and sign up for the Sunday July 11 5k or 10k ‘Keep LA Running’ race in Playa del Rey at Dockweiler Beach.


Everyone is invited!

Also don’t forget about the next In House Challenge on Saturday June 26 at 12pm. Get ready to sweat!

Wednesday’s WOD:

“Sissy Test 2.0”

20-1 KB Swings (53/35)

1-20 Burpees

Post load and time to comments.

Yes this was a long long WOD. When we last did it in October it was 35# for guys and 26# for the ladies but since everyone is getting so awesome at CrossFit we thought we’d step it up a little for you…

And you all were awesome! This workout should have tested you mentally just as much as any other area we are continually trying to improve.