A fun weekend for CFHV

A fun weekend for CFHV

What an awesome weekend of awesomeness! We’ve been busting our butts over here getting really fit and having a great time doing it…and a big part of doing all these great workouts and pushing yourself to new limits is so you can go out and try new things in the world that you probably wouldn’t ever do without CrossFit.

Saturday Coach Tyler and I went to compete at the California State Games Weightlifting Championships in San Juan Capistrano. There were some seriously strong athletes at this meet…there was a 16 year old kid who weighed probably 160# and Clean & Jerked 310#! Absolutely incredible.

Coach Tyler took 3rd place in his weight class and I took 2nd in mine. It was just as exciting to go out there and lift as it was to find another opportunity to take ourselves out of our comfort zone. Even as a gym owner it’s important to live what we talk about every day: learn and try new things get comfortable being uncomfortable and push yourself past what you think is possible.Carly Coach Tim USA Weightlifting Hall of Famer and our Coach and Mentor Bob Takano Coach Tyler and Chase after the competition.

Coach Takano has Coached 5 USA World Championship Teams National Champions Olympians and 1 of only 5 Americans to ever get a double body weight Snatch! It is an honor to continue to learn from him and to share it with all of you.

Then on Sunday our High Voltage Endurance Club ran the 10K at the ‘Keep LA Running’ race. Talk about a drastic change from the day before…but it’s  true that CrossFit has something for everyone…and it probably has a lot for you that you don’t even know you’ll like yet. I guess I shouldn’t start with the ‘after’ picture first but it took quite a bit of effort on everyone’s part just to smile. Big ups to Coach Tom for all the awesome training he provided to our gym and Endurance athletes. In fact he’s done such a great job that Lululemon of Glendale want him to be their Endurance Ambassador and help them become even more awesome!

I am incredibly proud of everyone who got out this weekend and did something that they normally wouldn’t do on their own. A lot of CrossFit is just that. You can do this stuff on your own…but it’s just not as much fun that way. The longer I’m in CrossFit the more I realize it really is about the Community we’ve all created and being able to experience this stuff with your new best friends and family.

There’s so much to experience at CrossFit High Voltage of Burbank…and we’re just getting started!

See ya’ll on Monday!