Upcoming Announcements!

Upcoming Announcements!

The CrossFit Games are here! Lots of build up for this incredible event…and now it’s happening at the Home Depot Center in Carson. Go in person if you can or watch live on the internets at games.crossfit.com. We will be open all weekend with regular classes…

Now for the announcements:

1. Trumpets please…High Voltage Olympic Weightlifting Club will be starting the 1st week of August! I’ve been getting tons of requests for this Targeted Training program and I’m very happy to bring even more awesome awesomeness to our Community. Space will be extremely limited to 10 people and will be coached by Coach Tim a USA Weightlifting Certified Coach. It will last 8 weeks and lead up to an Olympic Weightlifting meet. The price is $199 for current CFHV members and $249 for non-members.

Class days and times will be announced shortly.

2. Our High Voltage Endurance Club 8 week intro course was such a hit…WE’RE STARTING A WEEKLY RUN CLUB!!! Coach Tom and I are very excited about being able to bring this to our Community. It will start the first week of August on Thursday nights @ 7pm. As always all abilities and skill levels are welcomed…from life long runners to anyone wanting to complete their first 5k or just get in better shape. Best of all it’ll be FREE to anyone who want to take part! What? Huh?
Yes we’re so proud of all of our athletes and our gym that we think it’ll be a great way to expose people to our amazing community who otherwise might never think of coming by. Does that mean you? Yeah we hope so!

The High Voltage Endurance Club’s “Run Club” will start Thursday August 5 @ 7pm at the gym! Be there!

3. Say goodbye to Happy Hour Fridays and Hello to OPT and Max Effort Fridays! Happy Hour was great for a while but we are continually striving for ways to help you stay accountable and get results.  The classes will be similar to what you’re used to through out the week group classes led by expert qualified Coaches in exciting formats in the Valley and Burbanks biggest CrossFit gym. I am very excited about this change and believe it is the best next step for our growing Community. The last Happy Hour is this Friday so if you want come and get some!

4. Say Hello to Happy Hour Saturday Afternoon. Ok I guess we won’t call it Happy Hour maybe just Open Gym Training or something like that where people actually will know what it means (what the heck is happy hour tim?)! It’ll be hosted by our very very very first member Greg aka Brown Bear. It’s pretty cool when people ask me if our program works and if they’ll stick with it and I get to respond that our very first members are still huge parts of our community.

It starts next Saturday July 24 and will go from 11am to 1pm. We will have Powerlifting workouts written Olympic Weightlifting workouts written and Endurance WOD’s written on the board for you every week so if you aren’t sure what to do Greg will help you! Many of you will be trying some additional Benchmark WOD’s or your own crazy CrossFit concoctions. Either way come in and be ready to work.

More Volts and Vixens getting more pull ups every single day!!!

Thursday’s WOD’s:

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Sumo Deadlift High Pull

WOD: Every minute on the minute for 20 Minutes perform 1 round of the following:


7x Squat

9x Sit Ups

Level 2 CrossFit:

Skill: Snatch

WOD: 21-15-9 for time.



All Levels CrossFit

Skill: Max Height Box Jump
WOD: 21-15-9 for time.