100731 – Saturday

100731 – Saturday

Announcement: Starting Monday our Early Morning classes will start at 6:15am and go until 7:15am. We’re also adding a Thursday early morning class making it a full schedule Monday through Friday from 6:15am-7:15am!

Friday’s WOD! That’s right Friday classes be blowin up! Come check them out and get your weekend kicked off right!!!

Yeah Fridays Group Classes Buddy!

And please welcome 2 of our newest CFHV’ers Tveen and Gary!

We’ve get such a steady flow of new Volts and Vixens I have a hard time posting all of you on the site…I promise I’ll do better in August I promise I’ll do better in August I promise I’ll do better in August!

-And on that note yes we keep growing and growing. I am so happy that new members tell me how welcome everyone makes them feel and now we have a tradition of being a friendly and welcoming Strength & Conditioning Facility to each and every new Volt and Vixen. We built this place on a couple simple principles and we’ll continue to grow following the same: Community Accountability Positivity and Loyalty. If you don’t know someone please introduce yourself. There are future friends and training buddies walking in every day and just as those members all helped you feel comfortable in a somewhat intimidating environment for newbies it’s now our job to make sure this tradition keep going and going and going….


A. The Napoleon Bear Complex (get it cuz it’s little…too soon?).

-Power Clean Front Squat Push Press Back Squat Push Press. 5x through makes 1 round.

1 round at a time. Go up in weight each set. Do 4 sets.

B. Double Unders. 30 seconds AMRAP. Rest 1 minute. Repeat 3x.

3 Burpee penalty for each break during double unders.

C. 3 min AMRAP Tire Flip w/ jump in and out. Any tire. Max reps.

A little different flow on Fridays…but we’re loving it. In fact Friday classes are becoming so popular starting next Friday we’re adding a 9:30am Friday class! Now we’ll have 9:30am on Monday Wednesday & Fridays! Tuesdays and Thursdays beware…