Fight Gone Bad @ The Sony Studio Lot in Culver City!!!

Fight Gone Bad @ The Sony Studio Lot in Culver City!!!

Hey Volts and Vixens,

Big news about the biggest CrossFit Community Event of the year…and best of all, CrossFit High Voltage is not only a part of it, but we’re part of putting it on!

On Saturday, September 25, our box will take part in the biggest Fight Gone Bad workout in the world! It’s going to take place on the Sony Studios Lot in Culver City from 9am-2pm (everyone will have a time slot in advance to do the workout).

-We have joined up with 5 other awesome CrossFit gyms to put this Community Event on and help raise money for The Livestrong Foundation, The Wounded Warrior Project, and the CrossFit Foundation.

-As this is going to be the biggest Community Event of the year, we need all of our Volts and Vixens to come out and help up represent. We’re expecting about 400 or more CrossFitters total to take part, and we want you there too! I’m expecting at least 60 Volts and Vixens from our box to take part. We need your help to make it the biggest. My personal goal is to have 100 of us there!

-There will be several different divisions for this event as well: Standard Men (rx’d), Standard Women (rx’d), Intermediate Men, Intermediate Women, and Beginners/Kids. Everyone will be able to do this workout!

So, what do you need to do?

This event is all about YOU! Please follow these next steps to make it the best event possible.

1. Email me at ASAP and let me know that you’re going to be a part of the biggest Community Event of the year. If you’ve already signed up at the front desk at our gym, then you don’t need to email me back. Once we know who is in, then we can start to coordinate the time you’ll do the WOD on the 25th. Remember, it’s Free to do this WOD with everyone at the Sony Studios Lot!

2. Register at under CrossFit High Voltage. If you raise over $150 for this great cause, you’ll receive a special Fight Gone Bad 5 T-shirt. You can only receive this from fundraising, they won’t sell them to ya. You do not need to raise any money to take part. Our gym goal is to raise $5,000 total.

3. We need 20 Volunteers. Please include in your email if you will be able to volunteer. This event is being put on by the 6 CrossFit gyms participating, so that means WE are putting it on too. You’ll only need to help out for an hour or two, and you can still do the WOD, so there’s really no reason not to help.

4. Keep coming in to the box to workout! We’ve been doing some type of variation of the FGB workout every week. Newer members will be more than comfortable with the movements, and Fire Breathers will be primed to go.

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to be a part of our Southern California CrossFit Community, and the biggest Community Event of the Year. Everyone is welcome, friends & family too.

Remember, please email us back that you’re able to take part in this event, and that you can volunteer.