100828 – Saturday

100828 – Saturday

Saturday at 10am will be one of our original Vixens Leah’s going away WOD. She was our 4rd member ever and we’ve been fortunate to see her grow get her first pull ups set tons of PR’s come to the gym ready to improve live a healthier lifestyle be a full on Paleo chick help start a blog about it (www.paleoblocks.com) and just generally rock. It’s been great to grow as a gym as we’ve seen her grow but NorCal is calling her and while we’re definitely going to miss her we’re all very happy that she’s able to fulfill her dreams. Plus we have Flat Leah who you can friend on her Facebook page!

Leah starting out at the old box with probably her PR deadlift of 115# 🙂

Leah learning on the rower (wow that’s a LONG time ago it seems)…

She’s been with us since before there was much color…

She always came ready…Ever Ready…

We’re gonna miss those killer abs of yours…

But mostly we’re just gonna miss ya. Bon voyage senorita! Can’t wait until New Years 🙂

Friday’s WOD:

All Levels CrossFit

A. Back Squat

5-5-5-5-5 (going up in weight)

B1. Split Jerk (find 1RM)



B2. AMRAP Pull Ups

5 sets. 3 minute rest after each set.

Add your Split Jerk # to your Total # of Pull Ups. Post that # to comments.