Hero WOD Monday & a Recap of my trip to the Olympic Training Center…

Hero WOD Monday & a Recap of my trip to the Olympic Training Center…

Reminder: Our only class Monday will be at 12:30pm. Everyone’s invited…come sweat with people that you normally don’t get to work out with here!!!

Also our Movement & Mobility class will start Tuesday @ 7pm. There will still be a Level 1 class at that time as well. L1 will be in the main room and M&M will be on the side room next to the roll up door!

This past weekend I coached at the Pan Am Games trials for taekwondo at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. I was coaching a taekwondo athlete of mine Deireanne Morales who is a 14 year old fly weight competitor (107.8# & under). For those that don’t know I lived at the OTC from 2001 – 2003 as a Resident Athlete. It’s a very unique experience to live and train there…and I still am very close with a bunch of former athletes that used to train there. In fact it’s my old roomate Antony Graf who talked me into opening a CrossFit gym in the first place. So needless to say this place is very special to me. It’s about as close to a fraternity as I’d ever get I suppose.

The Training Center is obviously unique in that it is designed to be the USA’s ultimate training grounds to it’s most high level athletes. So I suppose that means that you’ll see the type of stuff the Russian was hooked up to in Rocky 4 (or was it Rocky IV?) right?


Where’s the machines? Where are the gadgets??? Where’s the peck deck?

The answer is there’s really not! Look around…you’ll see tons of barbells squat racks bumper plates platforms….sound familiar???? This is the room that much of the US National Weightlifting Team trains on…it doesn’t need to be fancy…you just need to want to train hard!

This is the main Sports Performance Training Room at the OTC where I learned to do Olympic lifting box jumps throw medicine balls single leg squat etc…

Look around what do you see??? Squat racks platforms barbells bumper plates pull up bars…notice a pattern here? This room has a little more stuff than what just the Weightlifting Team uses because the Sports Performance room trains all sports in the Olympic Program…does this stuff look familiar???

Finally the culture there is incredible…it’s the type of place that posterizes women for lifting heavy stuff running fast and generally being awesome…

Here’s a friend of mine 2008 Olympic Carissa Gordon-Gump on a poster outside the training room. Yes that’s a lot of weight!

I even ran into my old friends Casey and Natalie Burgener on Saturday in the weight room. They are both training for the upcoming 2010 World Championships in Turkey and look awesome!!!

Natalie Burgener…

Casey Burgener…probably the strongest couple in America…ok definitely…

So while it was great to reminisce I actually was there for a reason other than to take photos and drop names…I am very proud to write that my little 14 year old athlete made the US Pan American Games Team for the 2011 Pan Am Games in Guadalajara Mexico! The Pan Am Games are the hemispherical equivalent to the Olympics…they take place every 4 years in the year before the Olympics and feature the entire Summer Olympic Program. It is the second most difficult competition to win in the US besides the Olympic Trials.

What’s even more impressive is that I’m being told she is the youngest US Athlete to ever qualify for the Pan Am Games Team in taekwondo. In the finals she defeated the USA’s 2008 Olympic Team Member so I know she earned this. Everyone that knows me knows that I am always very proud of every one of my athletes’ accomplishments no matter what the sport. This weekend though was a whole new level!

I started training Deireanne and the rest of my taekwondo team on my driveway in mid 2008. No mats on the ground or nothin. Just hard work and determination.

In just 2 1/2 years she’s made it from my driveway and getting 3rd place at the state championships for the 12-13 yr old division to being the top fighter in the country regardless of age and now legitimately a top Olympic Hopeful for the 2012 London Olympics. At just 14 years & 3 months she is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. Doesn’t complain. Attacks every drill and workout with 100% effort. If you put in the work the results will come.

Deireanne on the right with the first 1/2 of the Pan Am Games Team.

The underlying principle for all of these athletes are the same. Train hard. Keep it simple. Train hard. If you’re focusing on what type of machine to use or how to make your biceps bigger you’re focusing on the wrong stuff. Focus on performance. Focus on intensity. Focus on training hard. Regardless of age or ability this is where the results are…and yes that means you.