100921 – Tuesday

100921 – Tuesday

On Sunday Coach Tyler and I went over to Team CrossFit Academy in Monrovia to compete in their “Fall Opener” Weightlifting competition. It was an awesome competition everyone at TCA was incredibly friendly and welcoming.

For those that don’t know Coach Tyler and I have been learning the Olympic lifts (Snatch Clean & Jerk) from USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame Coach Bob Takano. It started off as each of us wanting to learn the intricacies of the most technical and athletic movements (large load quickly long distance…check). Coach Takano has explained to us that we can’t just learn these from watching him coach them but we have to do them consistently ourselves until we truly understand each part of the lift. We want to know these lifts so we can continue to give the best instruction to our members and improve our own training. A big part of being able to do this is going out on the platform and lifting in front of people….and like any good pupil when he talks we listen.

Coach Tyler at the start of a 105kg Snatch (231#) a new competition PR

Coach Tim at the start of a 95kg Snatch (209#) a new competition PR.

Having goals in your training is a crucial part of CrossFit training or any REAL training program. You are always more accountable when you have something you’re training for something your workouts are for. This isn’t the same for everyone nor should it be. But it needs to be something. Maybe it’s to lose weight maybe it’s for the CrossFit Games and maybe it’s so you can go hiking with your kids or bring it on the basketball court. I’m not expecting to be a national champion in weightlifting but knowing that I have a date to go up and lift in front of people keeps me accountable and it’s actually pretty fun.

Warming up on the side…

Tyler after his second Clean & Jerk @ 135kg 297#.

Another cool part of how weightlifting meets go is that they do not take weight off the bar they only add weight to it. This means that you don’t go in order of your weight class but in order of you much weight you are going to attempt. It was really cool to have Tyler and I as the last two athletes to compete in the Snatch portion and Tyler finished the C&J part all by himself! When he hit his 308# Jerk everyone was cheering for him and that just goes to show how supportive the CrossFit and weightlifting communities are. Most of these people don’t know him or didn’t know him yet they were just as supportive as to one of their own.

Coach Tyler first place in 94kg division and first place overall!

After the meet: Pan Am Games Silver Medalist Emmy Vargas (L) National Champion Sean Waxman (next to Emmy) Tyler (giant smile) Coach Bob Takano (R of Tyler) Tim (holding on to Carly) and the many other future national champions!

A big thanks to Coach Eric LeClair owner of TCA in Monrovia. Great host and a great guy and another big thank you to Coach Bob Takano for all of his expertise caring and helping make Tyler and I better athletes and coaches.

So….what goal do you have for your training? My goal is to qualify for the American Open Weightlifting Championships this December in Cincinnati. I’m a few KG away…What’s your goal? Post it to comments and let the world know.

Monday’s WOD’s

Level 1 CrossFit:

Tabata Mash Up Low Score

Wall Ball

Box Jumps

10 Meter Shuttle Run

All Levels CrossFit

A. Max Effort Squat Clean

5-3-1-1-1…Find new 1RM

B. Tabata Mash Up Low Score

Wall Ball (20/14#)

Box Jumps (choose challenging height)

10 meter Shuttle Run

Post low score for each movement to comments.