100923 – Thursday

100923 – Thursday

Did you know that we’ve been chosen by Lululemon Athletica of Glendale to be their Gym of the Month for October/Rocktober!!! Well we have…and we are very excited about this.

We absolutely love these girls and they’ve become a huge part of our Community and just through Coach Tom we’re single handedly keeping them in business. We will be hosting Sunday workouts at the Glendale Americana every Sunday at 9:30am for the month of October. Of course everyone is welcome to come friends family frienemies Facebook Friends…we’ll even take MySpace friends…yeah we went there. Sorry Friendster….

So expect lots of Luluheads or Lemonheads or Lululemonheads or…well by the end of it we’ll just call them CrossFitters.

  • As we do with every new member of our Community be sure and introduce yourself to each person you don’t know in our gym every single day!
  • Since we’re averaging about 90 different people hitting up WOD’s each day this is going to happen a lot. The good news is now that you’re a Volt or Vixen you get to pass on one of the best parts of CrossFit to each new member; our Community. Remember your first day in the gym and how many people welcomed you in…now it’s your turn!
  • Just as we try to work on our weaknesses every day and take ourselves outside of our comfort zone to continually improve our overall fitness the same applies to helping new members achieve their goals and feel welcome and part of our family.
  • This will always be at the core of what CFHV is all about. In 10 years we may still be doing clean & jerks we may be doing something that’s even better and somehow gets you in even better shape…but we will always be about our Community and the friendships we make at the core of our fitness.

Wednesday’s WOD

All Classes:

A. Team Row

3 people per team 3000 meter goal. AQAP (as quickly as possible). Work on maximizing rate of return per pull.

B. “Annie”

For time: 50-40-30-20-10 reps of (if you’re new to CFHV start at the round of 40 reps also scale to 3-1 single jumps)

Double Unders

Sit Ups

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