100929 – Wednesday

100929 – Wednesday

  • More FGB5 Photos! For the Flickr pics check out: Flickr. I’ll post a different link tomorrow. Thanks Robb & Adel for these.
  • Tim is turning dirty 30…1….ok I’m turning 31. Let’s get together and talk about how we don’t hang out enough at Barney’s Beanery in Downtown Burbank this Saturday night. 9pm till they get tired of saying “sir you cannot do hand stand push ups on the pool table”. If you can make it that would be pretty awesome. As always bring your family and friends.

‘The Lisa’ box jumping at FGB5!!!

Deb counting fellow Vixen Nancy’s reps and making sure she was fired up!

Lulu Marlyse helps C-Thack with some pre-WOD fuel…did I mention that we’re Lululemon’s Gym of the month for Rocktober?

Coach Tyler congratulates Steven for breathing some Fire on Fight Gone Bad! 451 top score.

Tveen and I try to keep moving…

OG Vixen Laura keeps Coach Esther fightin!

Jackie has been super consistent lately and it’s showing! Awesome form!

Robb and Denise representin CFHV!!!

How awesome was FGB5? Randy was there. When I said don’t miss this event RJ listened!

Money Shot!

I have tons of photos from this event…I’m going to keep posting them for a while…I keep getting great feedback from people not associated with our box saying how well you all did and how much energy we had as a group. It shows!

Our strength is in our Community! Keep it up gang!!!

Tuesday’s WOD’s

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Overhead Squat

WOD: 7 Rounds for time

10x OHS

10x Burpees

All Levels & Level 2 CrossFit

A. 1x Snatch + 3 OHS x 5 Sets going up in weight each set.

B. 8 Minute Time limit.

Find 3RM Snatch (all successful lifts must be done within 30 seconds of each other). Minimum 2 attempts at finding the 3RM.

1 additional pound will be added to your score for each burpee you perform with your remaining time counting down from the 8 minutes.

C. Tabata Sit Ups High Score

Score is B (Heaviest 3RM Snatch + Burpees) + Sit Ups