101004 – Monday

101004 – Monday

In case you haven’t heard we’re Lululemon Athletica of Glendale’s “Gym of the Month” for Rocktober! Every Sunday @ 9:30am for the month of October we’ll be hosting a Free Community workout on the lawn at the Glendale Americana. We did our first one yesterday and it was awesome to expose a brand new group of people to the awesome stuff we do. Carly and I had a great time with our 30 new CrossFitters and we’re looking forward to having our coaches get even more people fit this month!

There was a shuttle run…

There were plenty of people doing their first squats…

And of course there were Burpees!

Can’t wait to see you all there next Sunday!

Friday’s WOD:

’10 Minute Works Capacity Test’

4 minute max Cal Row

3 Minute max reps pull ups

2 minute max reps back squat (body weight men 2/3 bw women)

1 minute max reps push jerk (135/95#)