101710 – Sunday

101710 – Sunday

Sunday Fun on the Prowler (reenactment…)

Saturday’s WOD’s

Level 1 CrossFit:

Skill: Thruster

WOD: 20 Minute AMRAP

10x Front Squat

10x Push Press

10x Thruster

100 Meter Sprint

All Levels CrossFit

WOD: The Bear Complex

5 sets of 7 cycles through going up in weight each set. Anything more than ‘touch & go’ is a 5 burpee penalty and to be performed at the end of the WOD.

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Jerk/Press

Back Squat

Rack Jerk/Press

That’s 1 cycle. Do that 6 more times to make 1 set. Then do 4 more sets. Go up in weight each time. Be awesome.