102810 – Thursday

102810 – Thursday

-Halloween Party! Friday Night 7pm! Be there. Do the fundraiser WOD and generally be awesome! BYOB.

Timm with a big PR at 335#!

After a few months of hard work in our Level 1 CrossFit class Jackie uses her improved technique and hits a huge PR!

Melilna big PR 225#!!

Kirby!!! 140 reps OHS in a row! Winner winner Paleo Dinner!

Stefan coming out of the bottom (like a cheetah!) with a 405# back squat…he also did 42 unbroken pull ups!

One of our teens Alexis! Great form great focus…and of course great big PR!

Robb one of only 4 people to get 100 consecutive OHS reps and that’s AFTER heavy squats pull ups & dips. Top score: 647!

Abe big PR of 355#!!! Keep working hard buddy!

And then there were sit ups…

Just another awesome day being High Voltage! See ya’ll Thursday!

Wednesday’s WOD’s

Level 1 CrossFit:

5 Max Efforts for combined points

-1 minute Row (calories)

-Pull Ups

-Push Ups

-Overhead Squat (empty bar)

-Tabata Sit Ups (high score)

All Levels

For combined points (reps + weight)

A. Max Effort Back Squat

B. Max Reps Pull Ups

C. Max Reps Ring Dips

D. Max Reps OHS (45/33)

E. Max Reps Tabata Sit Ups (total reps)

Your score is back squat weight + reps. Top  score today was 647 for Robb!!!