101105 – Friday

101105 – Friday

Michael N Coach Tyler Coach Tim & Scott M after a successful showing at the Nomad Weightlifting Classic last Saturday at CSU Long Beach! Awesome job gang!

And to celebrate…brand new weightlifting platforms. 1″ thick birch plywood with additional 1″ rubber sides. Bolted into the ground and they ain’t going nowhere! These things are freaking awesome!!! Upgrade.

-Rough week of training if I do say so myself. I’ve been trying to ramp everyone up for the In House Challenge next Saturday. Everyone seems to be responding very well to the additional training stress I’ve designed…and that’s a good thing! Too much stress = distress the right amount = eustress. Eustress is the good type of stress…putting your body through the right training protocol where it’s just what you can handle and some of what you aren’t sure if you can if going to help you continually improve.

And yes rest days WILL help this! Even though we’re open 7 days a week you’ve also got to focus on recovery. Appropriately placed rest days are just as important as (and actually part of) good program design.

Thursday’s WOD


For time.

100x Pull Ups

100x Push Ups

100x Sit Ups

100x Squats

Scale reps as needed with your Coach’s advice & consent.

Congrats to Nick (sr.) for a stellar 12:25 Rx’d time on this…Robb was no slouch at 13:20 too…and so was….