101110 – Wednesday

101110 – Wednesday

-Throwdown & Paleo BBQ & party this Saturday! Don’t miss out!

-40 Nutrition Challenge is 2 days complete. You can still get registered at the front desk. Be sure to get your weigh in and before & after pics.

-Our Tuesday 9:30am class is a huge hit! Remember we’re rocking that class on Thursdays now too! 9:30am is now 5 days a week.

Congrats to Carly & Brown Bear (aka Greg right…) for completing their Level 1 USA Weightlifting Certification this past weekend! I am very excited to have them join our incredible Coaching Staff!

Carly’s obviously helped me build this gym pretty much out of thin air…and Brown Bear is literally (not figuratively) our very first member…they both have incredible energy and help define what our gym is.

I am so happy to have them start officially coaching! Be sure and ask them tons of questions every time you see them…it will help them learn and it will be a ton of fun!

The certification was awesome. Carly and Greg were fortunate to have it instructed by my coach USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame Member Bob Takano. I had a great honor of getting to help him for once and assisting him through out the weekend. Seeing Coach Takano instruct a room full of Olympic Weightlifting enthusiasts not only reinforced everything he’s taught me but given me additional confidence that our gym is on the right track in all things fitness we do!

We don’t ever slow down…we only move forward. We’re are so fortunate to be able to serve the community we’ve created. Thank you all for training together with us!

Tuesday’s WOD:

All Classes:


20 Minute AMRAP

400 Meter Run

Max Reps Pull Ups (the set terminates when you can no longer hold on to the bar; you must complete another 400 meter run to do your next set of pull ups)

-We had 14 different Volts reach over 100 pull ups during this WOD! Incredible. Congrats to those of you who had big breakthroughs during this WOD and did it as Rx’d for the first time!