101112 – Friday

101112 – Friday

  • In House Challenge…over 35 people are officially signed up and ready to rock! Those of you that are on the fence…time to put your Herbie Hancock on the dotted line at the front desk! 10am-2pm.
  • Paleo BBQ on Saturday. We’ll start BBQ’ing at 11am…so if you want  to bring family or friends to the Throwdown they can grill up lunch while they watch you lose yours. BBQ will also be happening after the Throwdown is completed. BYOB.
  • Nutritional Challenge is going great! We’re 5 days in everyone should be starting to get a little adjusted to being even more awesome. Remember logbooks are due in 1 week. Keep good track of your meals & WOD’s. Grocery store  trip to be scheduled shortly.

Carly & Susan…our  Jane of All Trades…10am.



Then they hit the 6pm WOD…our Vixen’s rule! Thanks for your help ladies!

Thursday’s WOD:

All Levels CrossFit

Ax3 sets.

A1. 400 Meter Spring (@ 90% effort). Rest exactly 30 seconds before A2.

A2. 12 Unbroken Burpees AQAP. Rest exactly 30 seconds before A1.

Bx3 Sets.

B1. DB or KB Power Snatch x 8 (rest exactly 30 seconds)

B2. 5x Box Jumps touch & go AHAP (rest exactly 30 seconds

B3. Toes to Bar x 8. (Rest exactly 30 seconds)

C. Tabata Sit Ups Low Score.

Post results to comments.

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Overhead Squat

WOD: 20 Minute AMRAP

5x Burpees

7x OHS

9x  Back Extension

100 Meter Run