101115 – Monday

Epic Throwdown on Saturday! It was our biggest and best one yet. I really can’t say enough good things about how well everyone did, how much you’ve all improved, and how great the support of the entire community was.

Events like this are huge for your ongoing Fitness training. It’s not about winning, it’s about putting yourself on the line and being accountable. The real point is to continually test yourself and stay focused towards your fitness goals and healthier lifestyle. I am so proud of everyone who came to the challenge, and can’t wait for the next one!!!

Click Here for Robb’s Flickr Photos from Saturday!¬† There are 800 of them!!! WOW.

Men’s Firebreather Division Winners!

And undoubtedly the cutest photo ever…

Coach Tyler & Vikki gettin they Max Power Thrusters on!

C-Thack keepin it real on the final sprint.

New Coach Simon finishes up his Max Power Thrusters…he did 27 of these at 155#

And of course there were Over Head Squats…

Kirby learned to levitate…

Max Power Tom!

Pnutz crushes his final set o’ burpees in the Burpees y Double Unders¬† WOD.

After losing 90# with us…Brown Bear wins the Intermediate Division.

Great job Maiman!!!! He’s been with us since our first month!

Elizabeth had a ton of fun at the Throwdown…and it showed. She won the women’s beginner divsion! Next step, intermediate!

Women’s Beginner division winners, Vikki & Elizabeth! Winners of the coveted silver dumbbell & Golden Kettlebell!

Men’s Beginner Division Winners, Yuki & Marvin!

Women’s Intermediate Winners, Kirby, Carly, & Hayley!

Men’s Intermediate Winner’s: Daniel, Brown Bear, & Neil!

Women’s Firebreathers: Esther & Sarah!!

And the boys! Robb, Steven, & Pnutz!