101201 – Wednesday

101201 – Wednesday

-December is here! We’ve got a couple big things happening to wrap up an absolutely amazing year. We want everyone to be a part of them because that’s what makes this stuff so awesome in the first place…having our friends to do it all with!

1. Holiday Party. Yup it’s a CFHV Holiday Party so there will be DJ dancing and yeah all the good things that come with that. – Saturday December 18 from 8pm to about 4 hours after Coach Tyler starts dancing.

2. “Fran” : Saturday December 18 9am -11am. That’s right I’m posting it now. Come on let’s face it…everyone wants to know when this one is coming up and this is when. Just go ahead and mark the entire day on your calendar as CFHV. Fran in the am and party at night. We’ve got 2 different ways to bring you to your knees that day.

3. Nutritional Challenge Grocery Store Trip: Saturday December 11 (scheduled for 2pm tentatively). Everyone is doing really well on the newest 40 day Nutritional Challenge (which finishes Friday Dec 17 right before the holiday party). We’re going to take a trip to Henry’s in Burbank and go over what good and bad food choices are many of the areas where people make common mistakes and help drive home the principles of this Nutritional Challenge.

4. Products from Stronger Faster Healthier have been ordered and will be here next week. We had a great presentation from Matty and are very excited to continue to help everyone on their journey to get SFH! Omega-3 Oils and Protein powders have been ordered and yes even Omega-3 oils for your pets! Yeah buddy!

5. New T-Shirts are on the way. We’ll have a pre-order here pretty soon so we can make sure and get the size you want. They will be here before the holidays!

Stay tuned for even more announcements…we’ve got some big ones coming up!

Dave getting his back squat on!

Tuesday’s WOD’s

All Levels:

A. Kettlebell Skill Work

Cross Chop/Figure 8’s/Clean/Single Arm OHS

3×10 each.

B. Tower of Power Back Squat!

5 Rounds of 1 minute on 3 minutes off. Each round gets a certain number of “points” for each rep completed. If you were to do this workout as prescribed the workout would look as follows:

  • Round 1:     135# men/ 85# women       Point value for each rep: 1
  • Round 2:     185# men/ 115# women     Point value for each rep: 3
  • Round 3:     225# men/ 145# women    Point value for each rep: 7
  • Round 4:     185# men/ 115# women     Point value for each rep: 3
  • Round 5:     135# men/ 85# women     Point value for each rep: 1

Scale Weights as needed but keep them proportional. Post total scores to comments.

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Push Press

WOD: 20 Minute AMRAP

9x Squats

7x DB Push Press

5x Box Jumps

3x Push Ups