101210 – Friday

  • Stronger Faster Healthier’s Omega-3 Fish Oils & Post Workout, Fortified, and Hunger & Weight Protein Powders are IN! They are also moving extremely fast. If you want to continue to step up your game and your health, be sure and come in ASAP to grab your stuff. As for me, I’ve already grabbed by 10 oz Tangerine Omega-3 Oil, Fortified Protein & Post Workout Protein, and the Animal Fish Oil…
  • Meet at the box this Saturday at 11:15 for a Nutritional Field Trip to Henry’s Market! We’re going to go over what good and bad choices are at the store, and help reinforce all the good things you’re learning on the 40ish day Nutritional Challenge.

Even Murph & Brodes McGodes are getting their Omega-3’s from Stronger Faster Healtheir! Are you getting yours?

Benefits of SFH Omega-3 Oils:

  • Independent tests prove StrongerFasterHealthier has the best Omega-3 oils available in North America – without a prescription.
  • Omega-3 is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.  Chronic inflammation is connected to an array of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, heart failure, cancer, etc.  The importance of taking the correct dosage of Omega-3 oils cannot be overstated.

In short, our Omega-3 oils have:

  • Zero after fish burp, zero fish taste
  • The correct dosage and potency strength to ensure maximum health benefits- you would need to take 6-30 capsules of a competitor’s product to get our same dosage!
  • Super fast absorption: Omega liquid oil formulation optimizes absorption efficiency and allows omega-3 fats to compete with the omega-6 bad fats.

On a side note, I’m fairly certain once you start posting photos of your cats then it’s a sign. Not sure what that sign is, but it’s definitely a sign.

Thursday’s WOD’s

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Kettlebell Swing

500 Meter Row test, then:

WOD: 15 Minute AMRAP

10x Kettlebell Swing

10x Lunges

10x Sit Ups

All Levels CrossFit

“Unbroken” sets:

A1. Wall Ball x 20, rest 30 seconds

A2. Box Jumps x10 (As High As Possible, touch & go), rest 30 seconds

Perform Ax4

B1. Muscle Ups x 5 (or 5x Muscle Up Transitions + 5x Ring Dips

B2. L-Sit: 30 Seconds Unbroken

C. 500 Meter Row Test

If you ‘break’ on a set, you must repeat that set at a lower weight, reps, or level of difficulty until you can do it unbroken.