High Voltage just got PHAT!!!

I am very proud to announce that starting Jan 1, 2011, USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame Coach Bob Takano and his PHAT Elvis Weightlifting Team will be part of our High Voltage Community!!! Can I get a Yeah Buddy?

Although you can click here for his Official Bio, I’m going to just say a few things about Coach Takano and his over 40 years of coaching that I know of off hand which are pretty amazing:

Coach Takano (light blue shirt, center) and the rest of the PHAT Elvis Weightlifting Crew. More friends around that can lift heavy stuff is always a good thing!

Other than being my coach & mentor (obvious resume builder right there…)

  • He’s trained 1 of only 5 Americans to ever have a Double Body Weight Snatch. Yes, you ready that correctly.
  • He’s trained numerous Olympians for the US & other countries. He’s been the US Coach for international competitions 17 different times.  Before he closed his original facility in Van Nuys, 27 different Olympians lifted there!
  • Most important to me, and for everyone in our community though, is how much he cares about coaching & training.  You can just tell he loves being in the gym and helping people move faster & stronger than they’ve ever done before. His influence on me has been so positive, as a coach and as an athlete.

I am looking forward to our community to continue to expand by having a World Class Weightlifting Team here. It’s going to be a ton of fun. Stay tuned for more details, and of course, any of you that want to start competing in Olympic Weightlifting, be sure and drop me a line!

Good times.

  • Holiday Party, this Sat at 8pm. BYOB & Potluck!
  • Fran, this Sat, 9am & 10am classes. Be there
  • Stronger Faster Healthier Products are flying! Be sure and pick yours up and help your body recover in this cold weather!!!
  • New T-Shirts are almost here (Thursday or Friday, I’ll let you all know!)

Tuesday’s WOD:

A. Thruster Breathing Complex:

4 sets, going up in weight of:

4x Power Clean, 2x Push Jerk, 6x Thruster

5 breaths per set.

B. All Classes:
“Jackie” For time.

1000 Meter Row

50x Barbell Thruster (45/33#)

30x Pull Ups

So many of you did their first As Rx’d workout and As Rx’d Benchmark WOD on Jackie! We are all very proud of your progress and ongoing improvement!!! Incredible.