101222 – Wednesday

101222 – Wednesday

  • End of the year is here make sure to check our home page for the holiday schedule (hint we have 1 class this Thursday at 12:30pm then we’re closed the rest of the weekend).
  • Assignment: Post your favorite workout memory of this year to Comments. I’ll start with mine…

-Pretty hard to narrow down my favorite workout moment of the year but I’ll give a couple one as a coach one as an athlete:
-My favorite workout moment as an athlete was during ‘Double Baseline’ at the April In House. We went so freaking hard out of the gates and just flew through the first part…I still remember looking at Steven & Tyler during the ‘way back’ on the WOD and was like wtf (and I don’t mean Brian Koontz). Just goes to show ‘easy’ isn’t ‘easy’…Just crushed…
-As a coach my favorite workout moment had to be Fight Gone Bad at the Sony Lot…seeing how well our entire community performed how hard everyone was cheering for eachother…the camaraderie  the support…and of course because after it was done we all just hung out in that section of bleachers and kept the party going. It reminded me of the last episode of Seinfeld how they were in the jail and they just picked up right where they left off and nothing else mattered. Pretty freaking cool.

Post yours to comments…doesn’t have to be much.

    Ike battling it out with ‘Fran’ on Saturday has been showing some big improvements this year!

    Gaby watches his wife Vikki make it through her first ‘As Rx’d Fran’!!! This is no small feat…they’ve both been super consistent since they’ve started…hard consistent work always pays off!

    Coach Rane makes sure to show that every rep has to be legit!! Great lockout overhead!

    Dizzle’s First ‘As Rx’d Fran’ too. One of the best parts of CrossFit High Voltage is the positive group environment…when Vixen wants to do it as Rx’d…then a bunch more want to jump in & try it too…Very cool!

    Tuesday’s WOD’s

    All Classes:

    B. For time:

    100 Feet Walking lunge before every round of


    Pull Ups

    Sit Ups