101223 – Thursday

101223 – Thursday

Remember only 12:30pm class today…closed Friday Saturday & Sunday…

  • But what will you do? You’re holiday WOD is to talk to as many of your family members about your experience with CrossFit. For some of you this might be very easy and something you already do daily. For others this might be yet another step out of your comfort zone which is always an important ongoing part of your CrossFit training…
  • So that brings me to my comments question: What is the 1 thing that brings you out of your comfort zone when doing CrossFit? Is it consistency holding yourself accountable to movement & rep standards nutrition really attacking the WOD’s & not backing down?

-Post what brings you out of your comfort zone as a CrossFitter to comments.

Coach Tom uses the power of the ‘stache’ to get a new Fran PR! Also a little help from his awesome sister aint a bad thing either…

What’s the only thing that could make these guys more awesome?

That’s right our new Winter T-Shirts are in!!! $20 come pick em up while they last. One of these people is a model the other one is Chase. Too soon?

Wednesday’s WOD:

All Levels:

WOD: Power Clean Elizabeth

21-15-9 for time.

Power Clean (135/95#)

Ring Dips

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Med Ball Clean

WOD: 15 Minute AMRAP

10x Med Ball Cleans

10x Push Ups

10x Box Jumps