101224 – Friday

101224 – Friday

Happy Holidays everyone! We’re closed today tomorrow and Sunday…enjoy some good times with your friends & family that you may not get to see every day unlike the friends and family at the gym that we experience CrossFit with together.

And that’s really what ends up happening…you come in the gym nervous and overwhelmed (everyone did don’t lie) none of the equipment you’re used to seeing at globo’s…people actually working out really really hard…sweating…(gasp)

But someone told you that you should try CrossFit you saw a few videos online and your ‘friend’ can’t shut up about how great their CrossFit experience has been…so you stay…

Some people you don’t know come up and introduce themselves then some more do the same. No one ever wanted to know your name at a gym before.

You’re struggling on your workout and when you try and look up you realize there are a group of people there trying to help you make it through something that you aren’t even sure is possible…

Then sometime after that and probably before you realized it you became part of the family. I say it to every new CrossFitter that comes through our doors “Welcome to the Family” and sometimes I get a little laugh. I guess I would too if I didn’t know what it was like inside the box but that’s how we see it.

High Voltage is the place where you come and the rest of your day doesn’t matter. Whatever crap that happened at work or is about to happen can get left at the door along with the egos. Everyone is equal and everyone just wants you to be you…a stronger you a fitter you a healthier you.

Pretty soon you find yourself introducing a new person to the box just as how it happened for you…and so it goes.
High Voltage becomes that ‘third place’ for so many of us. You’ve got home work and 1 other place to add to the mix. I’m so honored that for so many of you CrossFit High Voltage has become that place for you. It’s the place that ‘we’ve all created together’ (quick name that quote).

So thank you to our ever growing family. You all mean so much to Carly our Coaches and me.

Our family…

And our extended family…what a great year! Thank you!

Thursday’s Hero WOD:
Complete as many rounds in 30 minutes as you can of:
275/185 pound Deadlift 5 reps (scale weight as needed)
13 Push-ups
9 Box jumps 24 inch box
Corporal Ryan C. McGhee 21 was killed in action on May 13 2009 by small arms fire during combat in central Iraq. He served with 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment of Fort Benning Ga. This was his fourth deployment his first to Iraq. Ryan was engaged to Ashleigh Mitchell of Fredericksburg VA. He is survived by his father Steven McGhee of Myrtle Beach S.C. his mother Sherrie Battle McGhee and his brother Zachary