101228 – Tuesday

  • We’ve gone Social (even more so!). Check out the left side of the website and you’ll see the new web button’s I’ve made/installed (don’t worry it only took me forever). Did you know we’re on Facebook (probably) Twitter (got a new account: cfvolts) YouTube (finally made a page with our famous video) FourSquare (someone has got to beat DT & Ramey for the Mayor…Please!) Flickr (I don’t even know how this one really works) Vimeo and About.me??? Well we are! Share it with your friends. Remember in the future everyone will be a Volt or Vixen might as well get ’em started now.
  • You can also ‘like’ our blog posts now. It will go to your FaceBook profile and your friends will see how good of taste you have.
  • At the bottom of each blog post you can share this to a bunch of other sites too…check it out!
  • How else to shake off the holidays than with 150 Burpees for time!!! That’s right we don’t slow down…we just keep rocking. And what’s even wilder is the amount of new CrossFitters getting started with us BEFORE the start of the New Year! Proactive people who want results…yup we’ve got ’em! And we’ve got the Coaches Staff & Programming know-how to help get you there! Contact us at info@CrossFitHighVoltage.com to get started!
  • We’re closed Friday & Sunday only 12:30pm classes on Thursday (30th) & Saturday (1st). Enjoy.

Congrats to Desi & Drew on their engagement!!! We’re all so happy for you two (and am sorry for stealing post-Mud Run photo!). I think this is our first Volt & Vixen engagement…pretty incredible. We love you both and can’t imagine our Community without each of you. Now we just gotta get our CrossFit Kids Program going…

Monday’s WOD’s
All Levels:
A. Back Squat:
B. 150 Burpees for time.

Level 1 CrossFit
Skill: Front Squat
WOD: 150 Burpees for time
Scale reps as needed.