110119 – Wednesday

110119 – Wednesday

Matching colors…almost as important as receiving great coaching…

And  congrats to Coach Tom! He’s been the Running & Endurance Ambassador for Lululemon in Glendale for a while now…so go check out the shop and see his awesome photo! Bright colors and great people…a perfect combination!

After ‘Kelly’ yesterday a little change of pace for Tuesday. In the name of constant variance some technical strength & speed work then some basic bodyweight & gymnastic movements. Enjoy!

Tuesday’s WOD:

All Levels CrossFit:

Ax4. Power Clean & Push Jerk x 5 reps touch & go.


B1. Ring Dips x10 (Muscle Ups x 5) rest 30 seconds

B2. Toes to Bar (strict if possible) x 10

B3. KB or DB Clean & Jerk (50/30#) x 15 total

C. For time

50x Sit Ups

50x Back Extensions

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Push Press

WOD: For time

20 burpees then

10 9 8…1 reps of

DB Push Press

Back Extensions

100 Meter Sprint