110124 – Monday

  • Monday is here…who’s ready to take on the week and conquer some goals and attack some weaknesses? I hope you are…because that’s what we’re gonna be doing (once again)
  • Congrats to our Oly Lifters! They competed at CrossFit Monrovia’s Weightlifting Meet on Saturday. Michael Nassif took first place with a 90kg Snatch & 115kg Clean & Jerk both competition PR’s. Aileen Wu took first place with a 61kg Snatch & 73kg Clean & Jerk! Scott Miller took 2nd place with a 70kg Snatch & New PR of 110KG! Great job you guys we’re so proud of you! Big thanks to our Hall of Fame Weightlifting Coach Bob Takano for helping make our lifters Fast & Strong!!!

Michael Nassif at the bottom of a 253# Clean & Jerk for the WIN!!!