110131 – Monday

110131 – Monday

Hey everyone! Monday is here let’s get ready for another great week of training!

We spent the weekend at the LA Fitness Expo. We helped Coach Takano put on the American Record Breakers Weightlifting competition. It was the first time that an Olympic Event was put on at the Expo.

And the Expo is kind of a wild gathering of all things in the gym industry…there was a body building competition going on at one side of the venue…and there was a CrossFit Kids obstacle course next to us. So yeah good times!

The event was great we had a huge turnout…believe it or not it was bigger than the Strongman competition next to us. It’s pretty cool that people at a Fitness Expo either saw the value in what we were doing…or just that that this whole barbell thing was ‘exotic’. Hopefully the former but I also have a feeling that quite a few people there thought the sport of weightlifting was one of the new trendy industry things being tested out…

Some of the people watching on Saturday…more people on the sides of the lot as well. Rumor had it you would get an extra chance at a missed lift if you yelled out GTL.

Emmy snatched nearly 200#…first meet in quite a few years…and now she’s going to be starting CrossFit training with us to help her get into the Fire Academy! How awesome is that!!! Be sure and help her focus on her form first then intensity 😉

Lindsey was the big winner this weekend! She PR’d with a snatch of 79kg (about 175#) and Clean & Jerk of 97kg (213.4#). She’s added 11kg to her total in the 2 months she’s been training with Coach Takano….and won the $1000 grand prize for coming the closest to the American Record! Congrats Lindsey!!!

I also was able to lift this weekend. And while I didn’t lift as well as I wanted every event I do is always a ton of fun and gives me just enough of that competition adrenaline spike to medicate me…until the next meet.

Good times!