110202 – Wednesday

  • We’re honored to be named WODGear.net’s Gym of the Month! They came out a few weeks ago to film a Saturday team WOD a few weeks ago and we had a great time. Be sure to grab a shirt from them when you visit they site they’re awesome!
  • It was a year ago yesterday that we got the keys to our present box! What an incredible year it’s been. Here’s to many more with you all (and to those of you just reading the blog that are sooooo close to getting started…)
  • LITB: CrossFit High Voltage from WOD Gear on Vimeo.

    Tuesday’s WOD’s
    All Levels:
    A. Team Row Competition
    B. Max Effort L-Sit best of 3 attempts (which is really just your first attempt right)
    C. 7 minute AMRAP
    400 meter run then complete AMRAP of
    7x Double Unders (Scale Up to Triple Unders)
    7x Sit Ups
    7x Ring Dips
    Level 1 CrossFit
    Skill: Sumo Deadlift High Pull
    WOD: 11 10 9…1 of
    Sit Ups
    100 Meter Sprint