110203 – Thursday

110203 – Thursday

  • Big news! Starting next Monday February 7 we’re going to have Open Gym times on Monday through Friday from 1:45pm -4:45pm! Even though we’ve got over 40 training sessions per week we’re always trying to find extra ways to help you committed to your health & fitness goals. This will help those of you looking to get in at a time you otherwise might not be able to that day those of you looking to get some extra work in for the upcoming Sectionals and those of you just dying to do more CrossFit…
  • So what can I do during ‘Open Gym’? Great question (if I do say so myself…). During open gym you can do the WOD on the board if you’re not able to attend a class that day complete a Benchmark workout that you’ve been aiming for to mark your progress or work on some basic lifts or your weaknesses and get stronger all around (because that’s what this is about right?). This isn’t like our Group  Classes where a certified coach leads you through a warm up skill and workout so knowing the basic CrossFit movements is essential. As always technique first then consistency with that technique then then intensity.

Crystal Sam Jelisa once all newbies to CrossFit now are ROCKING IT!!!!

Scott Ramey going for Most Improved on the L-Sit! Great job buddy!

Wednesday’s WOD’s:

All Levels CrossFit

A. Deadlift

5-5-3-3-3. Touch & Go control the negative!

B. 1/2 Tabata 2 times through (that’s 4 sets of 20 sec on 10 sec off then rotate)

-Box Jumps (24/20″)

-Overhead Squat (95/65#)

-DB Snatch (35/20#)

Keep the weights light and reps high for this one.

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Push Press

WOD: 15 Minute AMRAP

5x Pull Ups

10x Push Press

15x Squats