110205 – Saturday

110205 – Saturday

  • Barbell Basics Class Saturday at 11am. It’s super popular if you haven’t taken the class yet come by and see why this Saturday…at 11am!

Keven started with us 1 year ago almost to the date. He sent me this photo today. We’re super proud of how well he’s done his positive attitude at every workout and the incredible health changes he’s made. And while he wasn’t perfect on his diet and probably wanted to be more consistent in his workouts the results speak for themselves.

He’s stronger faster and fitter in every measurable way and that’s a fact. Congrats Keven! Now just gotta get your lady in here!!!

Friday’s WOD

Mobility Warm Up

WOD: 150 KB Swings for time (53/35#)

5 Wall Ball Penalty every time you break

Congrats to Stefan & Susan for getting this WOD Unbroken! Booya!