110210 – Thursday

110210 – Thursday

  • Happy birthday to Coach Tyler!
  • Going away WOD this Saturday at 10am for Eric. We’re sad to see him go but very proud that he’s joining the US Army and we were able to get him in great shape for Bootcamp!

Remember this guy? Funny to think that it’s been 2 years since Tyler’s been with us. Even funnier that his first day was also Jaron & Coach Tom’s first day. Yes the same day that Greg threw the barbell on his head during the warm up for the Bear Complex…(too soon?).

We’re very proud to have Coach Tyler as a huge part of our Community. He’s turned into a great Coach & athlete in these past couple of years. Looking forward to what the future holds!

Wednesday’s WOD’s

All Levels:

For Max Points (cal + reps)
4 min Row (for calories)
rest 1 min
3 min Pull Ups
rest 1 min
2 min Deadlift (bwt men: 75%bwt women)
rest 1 min
Shoulder to Overhead (135/85#)

Level 1 CrossFit
Skills: Push Press & Rowing
3 min max effort at each station rest 1 minute then rotate
Rowing (calories)
Sit Ups
DB Push Press